Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Can we have alcohol at the campground?

A:  Yes, we don't supply any, bring your own.


Q: Can my dog go with me on the trail?

A. Certainly, take your pooch and enjoy the day!

Q: Is the campground available for our club to do our own events?

A: Yes, we want to create a great camping or special event for you, with special rates available for 5 rigs or more camping, we also do weddings, graduations and most any other type of gathering. Give us a hollar!

Q: How can I claim the discounted or free campsite with my ticket to an event?

A: If you are attending an event that includes a free or discounted campsite or horse stall, first go to the event details page and select how many tickets you would like to purchase. When you add the tickets to your cart, you will be shown icons that will let you reserve campsites and/or horse stalls. When you add campsites or horse stalls to your cart the discounts will be applied automatically. Free items will be marked as "FREE". If you have a problem, give Jim a call, he will help you out. 607-847-9265.

Q: Why did you develop the invitation system?

A: This system allows for multiple people at a campsite without putting the burden of payment on any one person.  Everyone can check out and  pay for themselves  online yet be registered for the same campsite.  It also calculates discounts automatically and will even show the site as free if the invited person is the second person at sites that include two people in the per night fee.


Q. How does the Invitation system work?

A: Upon completing your payment process you will  immediately get a receipt and right from that receipt you will be able to utilize our Electronic Invitation System.  This Invitation System will enable you to invite others via email to register and camp at your campsite.  
From your email your friends can purchase event tickets, reserve stalls,  meals etc.  and pay for themselves with their own check out process right from the email you send them.  This Electronic Invitation System allows you to monitor your invites and track which invites responded and will be attending by logging into your account.


Q. After I click the search campsite icon it asks me how many adults, how many children, and how many non stalled horses will be at the site.  Do I include the people I will be inviting?



Q. Do I include my stalled horses in the box provided for number of horses?

A. NO, ONLY INCLUDE HORSES THAT WILL BE IN PORTABLE PENS, OR TIE LINED.  If you include horses that are in stalls in the box provided for NON STALLED HORSES ONLY you will see a charge of $8.00 per night in your cart.  You should not be billed for a stall and a NON STALLED HORSE fee so please do not double bill yourself.


Q. Can I use two coupon codes with one order?

A. No, only one coupon code can be used for each can use several gift certificates together.

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